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Tower Specialties

Our towers are designed after taking into consideration the environmental aspects as well as the cultural and local costumes and sensibilities. Above all, they are designed to add value to the locals and the environment. We believe that our towers will eventually supersede the existing conventional towers which are bulky, cumbersome space-consuming. The conventional towers are also unsightly and detract the beauty of surrounding building structures and edifies.


Aesthetics & Functionality

In designing the towers, we have incorporated features to address the expectation from the public. Moreover, we are open to suggestions other additional requirement that are feasible and add value to our products. The following are some such considerations:
  • The structures are designed to look different from the conventional telecommunication towers; instead it must look like a monument or aesthetics structures that not only beautifies the landscape but also provide additional benefits to the public such as night-lighting or useful functions.
  • Emphasis on public safety by erecting according to the standards and guidelines imposed by Local Authorities. In addition, our structures are insecured from all risks.
  • Approval from Local Council Authorities.
  • Concealment of all telecommunication parts and equipment from the naked eye.
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