STEALTH SOLUTIONS uses technological opportunities to create competitive advantages for our customers through the construction and lease of utility towers that are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-functional
  • Robust and sustainable

Our focus is to provide excellent solutions and services to clients (i.e. telecommunication industry players and wireless service providers) in terms of acquiring vacant land, constructing and leasing environmentally-friendly dual function aesthetic structures for wireless telecommunications and other use

In line with our Mission is to be an Industry Leader, STEALTH SOLUTIONS is focusing all efforts towards achieving top-class operations through research and development. We are constantly looking into ways to stimulate growth in niche areas, especially through aggressive business development initiatives. Moreover, we are constantly working in tandem with telecommunication companies towards realising the Government’s vision of achieving world-class telecommunications service for the Nation. STEALTH SOLUTIONS continuously seeks new avenues to serve as a business and technology enabler through consulting and project management.

The distinctive nature of our services is that we only focus on aesthetic structures and take pains to ensure that our tower designs are aesthetically pleasing in that they complement the natural beauty of the surrounding environment and structures, while at the same time providing multi-functional features. This move towards aesthetic form and function is our novel and creative approach to serve the public and industry.

STEALTH SOLUTIONS also provides Management & Implementation Services for projects that require strategic
solutions through Design, Development, Delivery, Deployment, Implementation and Completion.